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About ASOI

The Arabic Society of Oral Implantology was launched early 2006 and it gathers young and fresh dentists from Egypt and from all over the globe.  It is mainly  located in Cairo Egypt.

The society is not traditional in its mission; it has a different non formal structuring and it also has clear objectives. all the scientific activities held by the society are accredited from the International Congress of Oral Implantologists being recognized as an affiliate society.

Our vision is to offer high quality service for Arabic dentists to help lift the level of their practice as well as their scientific knowledge at an affordable expense.

Message from Dr. Judy

Dear ASOI members

image001The ICOI and its affiliated societies must address the educational needs of two groups … our professional colleagues and the public. Both should benefit from ever increasing use of new technologies in implant dentistry. I am confident that the ASOI will meet these challenges head on and members’ patients will be well served. We look forward to a long professional and collegial relationship.


Kenneth W.M. Judy

New York, New York

ASOI Objectives

The active staff of the Arabic Society of Oral Implantology focus on establishing direct communication channels between Arab dentists and the most highly acknowledged universities and associations in the world.  ASOI strives to facilitate routes of efficient connection to save your time and effort.  ASOI also works hard on delivering the most updated techniques and technologies to its members by applying advanced educational sessions that foresee the future needs of its clinicians.  It offers a variety of clinical courses and symposiums presented by top notch professors in the field of Implantology that successfully meet with everyone’s demands.  This standard of education is accredited and certified from international authorities.

Below are some certain specifications for any scientific activity that is organized by ASOI:

  1. The event should benefit the majority of attendees.
  2. The scientific material should be of a high caliber.
  3. The event should be cost effective for the participants.

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