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El Askary Abd El Salam , B.D.S

Associate clinical professor, University of Florida, Private Practice, Alexandria, Egypt.

Reconstructive Aesthetic Implant Surgery

Duration: 9 hours.

Restoring missing teeth in the aesthetic zone is a challenge that is facing many clinicians now days. Replicating the natural teeth appearance becomes the prime treatment goal. The course will focus on all treatment aspects of aesthetic implantology separately; starting from evaluating the facial features and smile analysis to the basic aesthetic pre-surgical preparations and an in depth explanation of the aesthetic 3D implant positioning. Most of the current peri-implant plastic soft tissue procedures will be highlighted as well as the updated methods of creating aesthetic osseous contours that directly enhances the final treatment outcome of implant-supported restorations.

Course attendees will be able to:

  • Identify and evaluate the facial features and understand smile analysis concepts.
  • Perform and execute an accurate treatment plan made for aesthetic cases.
  • Learn the accurate 3D implant positioning.
  • Comprehend the art and science of per-implant plastic soft tissue surgery.
  • Learn the current methods of regenerating the inter-implant papilla.
  • Have an over view on the use of the most updated aesthetic bone grafting procedures.

Understand and apply the principles of interactive CT diagnosis and treatment planning for soft tissue and hard tissue grafting procedures.

  • Successfully place implants into patients with compromised hard and soft tissue anatomy.
  • Apply fundamental and comprehensive biological and biomechanical principles that dictate bone grafting surgical protocols.
  • Perform advanced bone grafting procedures that will result in long term implant success.
  • Describe the anatomy, biology and wound healing of peri-implant tissues.
  • Describe the guidelines, indications, and surgical protocols for performing the following procedures: gingival grafts, subepithelial connective tissue grafts, and acellular dermis matrix allografts.
  • Be able to perform common 1st and 2nd stage implant soft tissue procedures to optimize esthetics and long term maintenance.
  • Understand, describe, and utilize the appropriate surgical and prosthetic principles involved for comprehensive site development in the esthetic zone.
  • Describe indications and protocols for immediate vs. delayed implant placement in the esthetic zone.
  • Understand extraction site management — predictable and evidenced based.
  • Describe the biology of mandibular block grafts and sinus grafts.
  • Utilize mandibular block grafts predictably for horizontal and vertical alveolar ridge augmentation in the anterior and posterior maxilla and mandible.
  • Appreciate evidence-based data from 14-year retrospective and prospective mandibular block graft studies.
  • Prevent, recognize and treat mandibular block graft complications.
  • Describe the indications and detailed step-by-step surgical protocol for sinus grafts.
  • Appreciate 15-year retrospective sinus graft data evidence based including histology.
  • Prevent, recognize and treat sinus graft complications — intra-operative, early post-operative, and late post-operative.
  • Compare ridge splitting, distraction osteogenesis and GBR techniques.
  • Understand the biology and application of platelet rich plasma and related growth factors in conjunction with bone grafting and soft tissue grafting.
  • Use appropriate suture and suturing techniques related to soft tissue grafting.
  • Understand the soft tissue grafting techniques involved for development of maxillary and mandibular edentulous arches for implant restoration.
  • Prevent, recognize and treat complications related to soft tissue grafting.

Reconstractive Esthetic Implant Surgery

A step-by-step extensive clinical course that aims at creating an esthetic implant-supported restoration that replicates natural teeth in appearance. This course will focus on each aspect of esthetic implantology starting with pre-surgical planning intra-orally as well as extra-orally. Esthetic 3D implant positioning will be explained in order to achieve not only a natural looking implant supported prostheses, but long term function as well. Plastic soft tissue management procedures around dental implants will be extensively highlighted. A step-by-step protocol for predictable soft tissue management around dental implants will be demonstrated.

Course attendees will be able to:

  • Identify and evaluate the facial features that contribute to an esthetic outcome
  • Perform and execute an accurate treatment plan for esthetic cases
  • Learn accurate 3D implant positioning
  • Understand the clinical and scientific basis of plastic soft tissue surgery

Aesthetic Implant Therapy

Stable long-term Aesthic results can be achieved with ante­rior implant supported restorations, in spite the fact that the available clinical parameters for measuring success are insufficient, however the success rate clinically and aesthetically have showed higher success rates recorded clinically . This is referred to the fact that Aesthetic Implant therapy has become a distinctive clinical discipline involving several treatment aspects that involves the basic principles of dental aesthetics ; restorative space management, osseous site optimization, smile and lip analysis , precise implant positioning, and applying the plastic periodontal surgical protocols as an integral part in successful aesthetic therapy.

Novel methods have been introduced recently that helps maintaining intact & stable soft per-implant tissue contours; the use of natural teeth crowns to serve as long term provisional restoration , biological barrier and helps stabilizing soft tissue marginal levels. The use of allografting bone blocks to enhance the missing osseous contours with maximum patent’s comfort and equal predictability to the autogenous grafts.

The aesthetic biological Integration of Dental Implants has its successes, Limitations and possible complications, this course will highlight the wide range of what is possibly achievable and what is limiting. This course will allow the clinician to: Identify and evaluate the facial features that contribute to an esthetic outcome, perform and execute an accurate case design for esthetic cases, learn accurate 3D implant positioning, understand the clinical and scientific basis of plastic soft &hard tissue reconstructive surgery.

Handling the peri-implant soft tissue

Handling the peri-implant soft tissue in the oral cavity becomes of a great interest to many clinicians, mastering such procedures will eventually lead to a naturally looking implant supported restoration . It will highlight most of the per-implant soft tissue management procedures starting form the pre-surgical preparation for implant therapy to socket preservation therapy , the rules of the second stage surgery , the use of the different soft tissue grafting procurers , and soft tissue management around immediate implants. The course will include a light introduction to the importance of the Esthetic 3D implant positioning that helps to maintain predictable aesthetic results finally will project the most updated clinical solutions to regenerate the inter-implant papilla in a predictable manner.


Course attendees will be able to:

  • Identify and evaluate all the clinical parameters that contribute to an esthetic outcome
  • Perform and execute an accurate treatment plan for esthetic cases
  • Learn accurate 3D implant positioning
  • Understand the clinical and scientific basis of plastic soft tissue surgery
  • The most current peri-implant soft tissue therapeutically procedures in the oral cavity.

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