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Our oral Implantology clinical course, the course is designed to be the ultimate practical training experience in the field of implant dentistry worldwide, it is composed of several clinical modules that satisfy your clinical experience and fulfill your planned future carrier upgrades.

The main feature of the course is the of practice implant dentistry on one –to-one basis training , this means one or two candidates per course, and the course does not exceed three days. You will be able to learn the optimal case design and execute the plan right away with the supervision of Dr Elaskary who has contributed with two text books in the field of dental Implantology. you will be trained on the case design and apply it on the same patient right away, you will be working on average 5-6 patients a day, or 8 -9 working hours , all the patients are screened against liver viruses and infectious diseases previously ,this training is held in a state of art educational facility, that is equipped with the up-to date devices and instruments from ultrasound bone cutting till micro-surgery instruments , the faculty is using an up to date sterilization methods and equipments.

“For the dentist who is constantly seeking excellence in practice, this program is a must. It ties in the restorative and aesthetic principals with the surgical principals. The quest for excellence is alive and thriving at Comprehensive Implant Training Programs”.

The Comprehensive Implant Training Programs are designed for both the beginner and experienced dentists. They provide the participants with the rare opportunity to be exposed to: essential basic science information, diagnostic logistics and treatment planning guidelines, a wealth of clinically proven concepts, basic and advanced implant surgery techniques, soft tissue management, adjunctive cosmetic procedures, implant site development techniques, hands-on surgical skills training, and prosthetic training, all at your disposal!

The program offers three individual distinctive courses complimented by live surgery video tutorials providing an interactive forum for step-by-step learning of basic and advanced implant surgery, and cosmetic periodontal surgery. Numerous surgical and prosthetic clinical procedures will be presented during all programs. Comprehensive training with interactive diagnostic sessions is included with these programs; the participants may benefit from Dr. Elaskary’s textbook entitled Reconstructive Aesthetic Implant Surgery.

Module 1

  • Basic implantology placement in healed ridges:

This module is made for the starters in the field of oral implantology, where they can practice the placement of implants in healed site with no complexity, they also practice flap design, reflection and closure. The placement could be a posterior single tooth (bounded saddle) or two adjacent teeth or even more. Using a state pf art surgical guides.

Module 2

  • Placement of dental implants in minor ridge defects :

Treating minor alveolar ridge defects, starts with the diagnosis and the proper assessment of the particular defect nature, with the application of Particulated bone grafting materials, and stabilizing regenerative membranes on top of it. Practicing bone management in its simple way, and learning the flap modification management techniques to achieve primary closure.

Module 3

  • Placement of implants in the aesthetic zone,

Placement of dental implants in the aesthetic zone, requires close attention and practice of 3 D implant placement to achieve a natural emergence profile, the practice of augmenting the possible minor bone dehiscence and fenestrations, this module becomes valuable in the practitioner daily practices in order to deliver optimal naturally looking implant supported restorations.

Module 4

  • Immediate implant Placement in fresh extracted sockets, either in flapless and flapped methods. The candidate will be able to practice the positioning of the implant in the multi rooted sockets and achieving primary stability, will also learn to fill the socket with grafting materials. And can place immediate implants in the aesthetic zone with simultaneous bone grafting , restoring a deficient labial plate of bone.

Module 5

  • Immediate loading training, where the candidate will place implants and restore it immediately either in functional or non-functional mode, and will also learn the indications, contraindications, and the clinical methods to implement this technique, the fabrication of provisional restorations in the same day will be practiced.

Module 6

  • Management of Horizontal alveolar bone defects :

The nature of the alveolar ridge some times hinder the placement of dental implants due to the resorption that occurs constantly, therefore, in this module, the management of the horizontal osseous defects will be practiced via using various methods ; titanium mesh , autogenous block graft, milled autogenous grafts , using sonic weld technology, and the classic sue of collagen membrane and particulated bone grafts.

Module 7

         Maxillary sinus augmentation closed techniques,

Where the candidate can use the piezzo surgery or the osteotomes to elevate the schniederian sinus membrane, as well as placing bone grafts, and placing dental implant in a non-staged protocol.

Module 8

Maxillary sinus augmentation opened techniques

         In this training module, the candidate will be able to perform the classic called-well-luc techniques for sinus membrane elevation and to practice the simultaneous implant placement of the bone volume allows, using the peizo surgery, and practice the mangennmmngt of the possible several intra-operative complications as dealing with sinus membrane perforations, bleeding etc…

Module 9

  • Solving 3 dimeneational alveolar ridge defects via Complex case repairs;

In this module, the candidate will be dealing with either previously placed failed or failing implants, sever 3 D osseous defects, or the vertical osseous defects, individualized approach to each case will be performed according to the patient present condition and the amount of tissue deficiency exists. Treating alveolar osseous defects might be performed with a revolutionary procedures or a novel biomaterials that enables the candidate to offer more predictable grafting procedure outcome to the patient, with minimal tissue trauma in order to solve many complex defects.

Module 10

  • Treating peri-implantities cases:

The candidate will practice the clinical assessment of each case individually, then the treatment plan accordingly, the fate of the treatment prognoses, practicing the implant surface decontamination with the available various methods that includes laser , also practicing implantoloplasty , filling the infra bony defects around implants.


I finally got your email address from Dr. Aldridge and hope this is correct. First of all let me thank you for all the time you spent with us taking away from your normal schedule. Secondly thank you for the great amount of knowledge you shared with us. All of this is appreciated beyond just a thank you. How is your staff doing? They were all great and presented good learning experiences. Hope you have a safe trip to Las Vegas although it is very long so take your meds. Look forward to seeing you there. Thanks again for a wonderful experience.Ed Hobbs
Hi Dr Elaskary, I have just returned back safely to Singapore after the very intensive course at your clinic. Those cases that I have done just kept flashing back in my mind during my trip back and it is amazing how the 2 days of intensive surgical course like this have pushed my surgical skills to a much higher level. Thank you very much once again for the opportunity. Also, just a kind reminder if you can help me find out the cost of a used Sonic Weld machine that I can purchase please? I really would like to implement that in my practice as soon as I can. Last but not least, hope to see you again soon, do keep in touch! Best regards.SC Tan
Dear dr Askari, Salam! Thank you very much for your help though I could not sit all the way in your presentation but everybody said it was great. I wished to have recorded lect so that I can watch. Please send an email to Craig and Judy, I will send you also some pict. Best regards.Jaffar Sadegh Pakroo
اليوم أسعدني حظي حضور أول محاضرة للعالم المصري القدير الكتور عبد السلام العسكري. حقيقي أعترف أن طول عمري اللي فات في طب الأسنان لم أحضر محاضرة لمحاضر بهذه الروعة والإبهار! حقيقي أنا سعيدة، وفعلا الدكتور عبد السلام العسكري أحد الأسباب التي تجعلني أقول إرفع رأسك فوق إنت مصري. شكراااا لك يا دكتور وبارك الله فيك، وفقك الله وزادك علما وأكثر من أمثالك 🙂Omaima El-Mahallawi

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